I imagine and create in my home studio - Hummingbird Hill Art Studio - in southern Indiana. My desire is to tell a story or create a cherished portrait, by illustrating it in oils. With an idea in mind, I research my subject and compose my design into a 4"x5" photo-mosaic. The title of my story is usually born at this stage. Through my technique, usually some humor, and my imagination, I strive to communicate my passion for my subject. I want the viewer to feel that same connection.

Through my portraits, I want the subject's personality and emotions to be evident. I work from photographs provided by my client, - or I take the photos myself - to ensure an accurate likeness. I also make sure that my client is involved throughout the entire process, with progress photos, e-mails, and suggestions. I want them to be excited and invested during the creative process. I want them to have not just the completed portrait to proudly display, but also the memories from the journey, which will last a lifetime.